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Planning to adopt a dog or cat from your nearby healthcare centre? But pets come with great responsibility! And if you don't live nearby a mart, then it could get pretty tough to find pet products for your little furry friend.

Being a pet owner is not an easy task; taking them out for a walk every morning, scheduling their monthly health check-up with the vet, grooming, and many other everyday tasks make it a full-time job. And to assist you in taking great care of your little friend, we offer a wide range of pet products at ElectronicOnDemand pet supplies store online. Whether you are looking for a pet feeding bowl of different sizes or the pet food itself, you don't have to search anymore. From demanding pet food supplies to simple everyday needs such as dog pop bag, we try to deliver the best product to satisfy your requirements as well as your budget.

Bringing a little furry friend in your family is sure an overwhelming experience, but you cannot escape the fact that now you will have dog hairs at your sofa, overcoat, bedsheet, almost everywhere. So, if you are in need of pet hair line roller at the best price, visit at ElectronicOnDemand website today.

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Lint Rollers Extra Sticky 180 Sheets Total! for...

Price $5.99
  • Lint Roller (3) 60 Sheet Refills - 180 Total Sheets!

  • Proprietary tape quickly picks up pet hair, lint and dust from clothing, car, bed, furniture or virtually anywhere

  • 1 Handle makes cleaning feel more natural.

  • Extreme Stick Plus tape removes the toughest fur and debris from clothes & furniture, which keeps you looking great everyday.

  • Fast Shipping!

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